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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of commonly asked questions relating to the functionality of the plugin:

How do I fix this error when changing file permissions: Error: File does not exist – <file link>

You will receive an error like this if you have a filename with odd characters in it that get converted to unicode.

For Example: A file named “my new car.png” will actually be interpreted as “my%20new%20car.png”  as the spaces getting converted to unicode. When the plugin attempts to change the file permissions, the location for “my%20new%20car.png” doesn’t literally exist. This is a known unfortunate behavior that we are working to remedy in a future release.

Manual Fix: To fix the problem, use an FTP client to rename the file to something else excluding whatever characters that are getting converted to unicode. Once you have don that, attempt to change the file permissions of the file with WP Security Safe.

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Why are some files showing the ability to modify file permissions, but others are unable to?

WP Security Safe allows users to change file permissions from an unsafe status to a good or secure status. Notice you cannot change file permissions from a good or secure status to an unsafe status. Most file permissions should be 0644. This is considered secure in most cases, thus the plugin does not allow modifying files that already have this status. Some files, such as wp-config.php, could be more secure than 0644. In this case, 0644 is considered good, and 0600 is considered secure. If the wp-config.php is changed to secure (0600), the plugin still gives the user the option to revert that change in case there is ever an issue.

The same situation applies for directory permissions. 0775 is considered good while 0755 is considered secure. Due to some server environments, changing from 0775 to 0755 could cause issues, thus we allow the ability to revert if needed.

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